Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

The following guidelines apply to all bike and PNA brands sold by OGC.

In the effort to help our dealers expedite the warranty process, we will no longer require that all defective products be returned. We retain the right to request the return of certain items at our discretion for which we will provide a return label for shipping.

To receive a warranty authorization, please complete your request on our dealer portal  under the “Returns” tab, under Return Authorizations or send an email with the pertinent information and photos to [email protected].

Be prepared to provide the following information (*bikes and wheels only):
• Contact name of store staff
• Contact email
• Item number or bike make and model
• Bike model year*
• Size*
• Serial number*
• Description of the problem/warranty issue

Additionally, we would like you to provide pictures of the following to help us assess the situation:
• Picture of the serial number*
• Picture of the complete bike*
• Pictures depicting the issue with the bike or frame (at least 2 pictures, please)*

When taking pictures, focus on the problem area so that the issue is visible and identifiable. If possible, take pictures from various angles. In the event of a consumer warranty, please provide proof of purchase (original invoice). This can also be a scan or a clear picture of the document. Hand written receipts will not be accepted.

Make sure that the proof of purchase contains the following information:
• Store name
• Purchase date
• Detailed description of the bike/frame purchased, model year, and size*
• Serial number*
• Payment method and total amount paid with taxes

Once received, your request will be evaluated and we will determine if we need the
product returned to us for further evaluation or not.

All warranty P&A is credited upon approval. The credit amount is based on the last price paid for the item. If a replacement is needed it must be requested with the initial request. In some cases, replacement will not be possible. We reserve the right to replace with a similar product.

Before shipping the items to our warranty department, ensure that you have obtained an RA#. Follow these instructions to pack and ship the item:

• Bikes should be shipped in their original packaging and box whenever possible. If the original box is not available, the bike should be shipped in a regular sized bike box, appropriate for the size of the bike. Box should not be damaged prior to shipping.
• All parts (handlebar, saddle/seatpost, pedals, fenders, fork, etc.) should be wrapped with protective material, and secured within the box.
• Ensure proper support for dropouts, both at the bottom of the box and between fork stays and chain stays.
• We are not responsible for damage to the bike in transit back to OGC.

Bikes & PNA:
• Improper packaging, which results in damaged product, may void your warranty claim or lower the credit amount.
• Mark the box with the RA# on two sides of the box.
• A Purolator return tag will be provided, you will have to contact them for pick up. We are not responsible for damage to products in transit back to OGC.

Once the item is received by OGC, it will be evaluated, documented and the issue will be assessed within 48 hours. If needed, we will contact the manufacturer to obtain their feedback and/or approval. Once the issue is determined valid for warranty, the credit will be issued or the replacement part will be supplied. If a product is not covered under warranty, the customer will be informed about our decision.

In some cases the manufacturer will have to be contacted for warranty approval. If the product is not covered under warranty, all replacement, repair, labor, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner. Labor charges for parts changeovers are not covered by the warranty. OGC cannot return un-repairable non-warrantied products to the dealer or owner if they are unsafe to use in their un-repaired condition.

When returning forks, or shocks for service please remove all reducers, mounting hardware and headset race. OGC is not responsible for the loss of any of these items. Before returning wheels for warranty or repair, please remove quick releases, tires and cassettes. OGC is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any of these products.

For warranty repairs please include a copy of the original bill of sale proving that the product was purchased no more than one year ago must be included with the return for OGC to consider the warranty claim. If a suspension product has been returned for warranty service, and ends up not being covered under warranty, you will be contacted and given an estimate for the repair.

Note that shipping charges and local sales tax(s) are not included in our repair estimates.

*Note that OGC is not responsible for damages caused by transport. In the event that a parcel has been received damaged, it should be refused or signed for as “damaged”. If the product in the box was in fact damaged upon receipt, do not unpack the product and contact the shipping company immediately in order to submit a damage claim.